Meet Melissa Gibson

Senior Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist & Energy Healer. Creator of For the Folk Yoga and Wellness.

And so it began...

'I remember my first yoga teacher training, my yoga teacher asked "Why Yoga? Why Now?" and my answer remains the same 12+ years later.


This is my purpose. I felt it with every cell of my being, and I still do.  


I was attuned to my first level of Reiki when I was 18, I knew then I was here to help people heal in some way. My studies have evolved over the past 20+ years but my purpose has not changed. I am here to teach, to guide, to help you heal, to challenge you to find your strength, to nurture and see how many time I can watch the full 9 seasons of The Office (US)….

My yogic studies have been from the physical, metaphysical, bio medical, anatomy and physiology, neuroscience , technical alignment, energy healing, meridians, chakras, nutrition and more. I am always a student, with a thirst to learn and understand more.


I will guide you to find your flow, balance, of breath and of movement, both healing  or evolving. Let’s explore. I got you.' 


‘I have been a seeker and still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my soul’ Rumi

Want to know more about Melissa?

Melissa is a passionate yogini, mother of two wildings, an artist and lover of the ocean.


With over 20 years of self practice and over 1000 hours of training immersion Melissa embodies the traditional teachings of yoga. 


Melissa’s guidance is focused on traditional teachings and adaptions of yoga into the modern day. You will be guided through your practice in a fluid style that encourages a strong connection to your breath and body, finding your strength and space physically and mentally in the present while challenging you to transform, rebuild and replenish your entire being.

"Melissa is amazing! She has a beautiful, soothing voice. She gives clear, concise directions with a strong focus of breath awareness. Beautiful sequencing that is sure to work your body, steady your mind and elevate your spirits. Her Yoga classes are fun, light hearted and accessible to all. I feel fabulous when I walk out of her class!"


Kristine Lehn