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In Sanskrit Hatha translates to 'Sun/Moon' two opposing energies coming together to balance as one. Strong masculine Yang energy to the soft feminine Yin.

Our Hatha Flow classes practice pranayama (breathing techniques), asana (physical postures) and dhyana (meditation) in a slower paced flow focusing on balancing strong Yang and gently Yin energy thorough a wide range of asanas. Asanas are held for 3 – 5 breaths each while focusing on feeling into your body, honouring your correct alignment and observing how you feel energetically. Our breath is our focus to create a mindful moving meditation.

This slower paced flow can be physically and mentally challenging. It is perfect for the seasoned yogi looking to work deeper or the absolute beginner learning the basics. Options are cued throughout the class so you can move into your practise as deeply as you desire.

You will leave class feeling more balanced, body, mind and spirit.

Yin Yoga is a combination of Taoist yoga principles, western science and Indian and Chinese energy systems. Yin Yoga assists in the movement of prana (or chi) flowing through our meridians, harmonising our physical body systems as well as shifting stagnant energy from within.


A series of seated asanas (adaptions from traditional Hatha yoga) are practiced with gentle breathing techniques and are physically supported by a variety by props.


The gentle breathing techniques allows us to move inward into a meditative state while the physical asana stretches the connective tissue - facias, ligaments and tendons allowing greater flexibility and release improving energy flow through our meridians. Each asana is held for a period of 3 to 10 minutes.


Yin energy is calm, stable, unmoving and inward.

Vin Yin is a hybrid yoga class perfect for those looking to move into a more dynamic practice, slowly.

The first half of the class is Vinyasa. Strong, flowing standing asana. Movement with each breath while focusing on building strength and endurance in your practice. The second half of the class kicks back a few gears and transitions to Yin. The focus becomes to soften, lengthen and move into a meditative state with long asana holds (3-5 mins each) in all seated asana.

VinYin is a well rounded practice suitable for all levels.

Our restorative classes with meditation are focused on mindfulness, as we practice cultivating awareness of our habitual thought patterns.  Meditative awareness and breath patterns will help in our asana (yoga poses) practice. Guided meditation is a practical way to overcome various personal problems. It helps us to be more objective, more understanding, more tolerant and more positive. 

Regular meditation can change the physical structure of the brain and make our brain better at cognitive functions. The more years we regularly meditate, the greater the potential benefits. Each student whether beginners or more experienced meditators will learn something

The Sanskrit term Vinyasa translates to ‘To place in a special way’.

A series of strong Yang based standing asanas are choreographed into creative flows. Classes focus on movement with fluid breath as you transition between the asanas with the Vinyasa sequence. Surya Namaskar A and B (Sun salutations) are practised at the beginning of each class to generate heat and prepare the body and mind to move deeper into the practice. Focus is on holding your space, inviting strength into your being and releasing tension through the body.

Influenced by Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa classes are a sequence of asanas practised in a faster paced flow. It is an athletic style generating heat throughout the body. Focusing on strength and purification, classes are led from one asana to the next without many alignment or descriptive cues and is most suitable to those athletic students with some basic yoga experience.

This is a self-practice style class where you will learn the traditional Ashtanga primary series posture at your own pace and fitness level with one-on-one instructions from the teacher. Different to the typical guided yoga classes, in a Mysore class you will have full ownership of your practise as well as progress. In the beginning sessions, you will start with sun salutations, standing sequence and seated sequence, gradually more poses will be added on as you become more familiar.

You will learn to identify the correct alignment for each posture with the guidance of the teacher. The teacher gives tailored individual adjustments and verbal instructions where necessary, specific to your needs. Modifications for the poses will be provided to accommodate different needs and body type without losing sight or the integrity of the original pose.

Most importantly, a Mysore style class gives you space for you to focus on your breath and body making that mind-body connection.

This is a mix level class and all levels are welcome; we will look at different techniques to progress your practice no matter where you are starting from.

Regular and more experienced students will look at techniques to move deeper into the postures, un-learning bad habits and breaking down postures where you encounter difficulty.

The Mysore class will start and end with a traditional mantra. No worries of having to remember the sequence, posture guides will be provided.


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