Our teachers are passionate, authentic teachers on their own journey, soul seekers, sharing with you their knowledge through education and their own many years of yoga experience in a honest, raw, relatable way.

Melissa Gibson

Senior Yoga Teacher and Energy Healer

"I remember my first yoga teacher training, my yoga teacher asked "Why Yoga? Why Now?" and my answer remains the same 11+years later.

This is my purpose. I felt it with every cell of my being, and I still do.  


I was attuned to my first level of Reiki when I was 18, I knew then I was here to help people heal in some way. My studies have evolved over the past 20+ years but my purpose has not changed. I am here to teach, to guide, to help you heal, to challenge you to find your strength, to nurture and see how many time I can watch the full 9 seasons of The Office (US)….

My yogic studies have been from the physical, anatomy and physiology, neuroscience , technical alignment, metaphysics, energy, meridians, chakras, nutrition and more. I have a thirst to learn and understand more and I want to share my findings so far with you. 


In my classes I guide you to find your flow, of breath and of movement whether it be slow or more dynamic, let’s explore. I got you. 


‘I have been a seeker and still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my soul’ Rumi


Louise Tanner

500hr Level 2 Teacher and Energy Healer

Louise has been practicing yoga since 2016 and completely fell in love with the magic of movement and breath within her yoga practice.  Louise has been a lover of many types of yoga, though always came back to Vinyasa, yin and Bikram styles as her favourite to practice as she found they really balanced each other out.


This love for yoga brought her to do her training a few years back for level 1 and level 2 yoga teacher training. Louise has also started focusing on training within a beautiful healing course, which will help her achieve her reiki masters to help compliment her yoga teaching. Louise's aim in all her classes is for her students to feel comfortable, relaxed, grounded and nourished within every yoga practice and meditation.

Grace Dalton Bio Pic.JPG

Grace Dalton

200hr Level Yoga Teacher and Children's Yoga Teacher

"My whole life I have experienced a need to serve others through teaching and to explore the link between our emotional experience of this world and how it affects our bodies.  With these passions my love affair with yoga was inevitable from a young age.

Initially my yoga practice began with fitness-based classes in a local gym, then Bikram and other Hot, Fitness-based styles.   I now teach studio yoga with adults, yoga for children and run my own yoga retreats.

I enjoy all yogic styles as I believe yoga is for everyone from the elderly, people seeking healing or a strong meditation practice, children, and of course yogis with a strong, devoted, regular practice.  It seems as we experience changes and seasons in our lives, our appetites for different yoga styles also change.  How lucky are we to live in these times where yoga is so mainstream and incredibly diverse!

As my personal practice deepens I find myself studying yoga philosophy, holistic counselling and  meditation.   This manifests in my classes as I seek to deepen each client’s experience with the healing power of yoga."

Meg Campbell

500hr Level 2 Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist

" I work a double life as a Yoga Teacher, and Illustrator/Designer.  

I am a qualified Yoga Therapist and I am passionate about teaching people simple ways to create healing in their own life. 

My journey started in Yoga as a young teenager (some 30 yrs ago) and I practiced Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with dedication for many years before a natural progression into Yoga Therapy started to occur. 

I have a special interest in using yoga for personal healing and specifically for the treatment of disease, stress, grief, trauma, anxiety, depression and upheaval. The hard stuff of life.

Wherever you start from, yoga can be both a remedy and a preparation for life’s experiences. There is no pre-requisite, it is for every body, regardless of flexibility, shape, size or colour. I believe that every person is unique in body and mind and there is no one-fits-all approach. 
I teach all styles of yoga from Vinyasa to Restorative and Yoga for kids and teens".

Portrait Megan Campbell-1.jpg

Sheeling Bak

350hr Yoga Teacher & Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

"My style of teaching is technical and strong with a focus on breath awareness. In my class, I help students in developing a calmer, deeper and more meaningful breathing styles regardless of the styles of yoga I teach. 

I truly believe that the yoga poses are only vehicles to transform and cultivate a healthier breathing style which ultimately leads to a peaceful mind and gaining flexibility is a mere by –product.


I am classically trained in the Ashtanga yoga method but I teach as well Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin yoga, Pranayama and Guided Meditation, particularly in Mindfulness meditation . I am also currently practicing Qigong as a complimentary practice to my Ashtanga practice. I have completed Qigong Training level 1 and 2 under energy expert Master Yang Zhen Hua of Calligraphy Health System.


Yoga should not be conforming to a particular style but should always be tailored to the individual’s needs and physical ability."

Samantha Bilton 350hr Yoga Teacher 

"Throughout many times in my life I have been drawn to yoga and meditation. In 2018 after a pivotal turning point in my life I decided to complete my level 1 Yoga Teacher Training. This is where my love and passion for yoga grew and I found home within myself. It was then that I was drawn to sharing this beautiful experience with others. I am passionate about creating classes that consist of gentle yet energising flows and with hope that students leave the space with an overall sense of calm. In 2014 I graduated with a bachelor of Music and enjoy singing, chanting and playing piano. In my classes I like to incorporate chanting, and take time to create a relaxing, harmonious and uplifting atmosphere. I love teaching and practicing many styles of yoga including Hatha, Yin, and Vin-Yin. I believe in practicing yoga to heal, to express, to enjoy and to grow, yoga is for every-BODY."