Private personalised classes focus solely on you.
They are perfect for soaking up an individually supported practice, having the opportunity to talk to Melissa  about the specific areas of your focus and working through together. 
Private practise are beneficial to:
  • Deepening your personal practice exploring alignment and awareness in your asana

  • Learning the fundamentals of yoga and developing the confidence to practise in a group environment.

  • Exploring yogic philosophy and how it applies to our modern day.

  • Starting your own meditation practice ritual.

  • Rehabilitating an injury and learning to modify your practice.  Eg Shoulder, knee, back or wrist pain.

  • Creating a personalised home yoga program.


Private classes are guided by our studio owner Melissa Gibson to find out  more about Melissa, click here.

One on One Private Class


60 minutes    

In Studio or Online                                              

Couple Private Class


60 minutes    

In Studio or Online                                              

Youngsters and Teens Private Class


45 minutes    

In Studio or Online