Eco Luxe Yoga Mats 4.5mm - Starburst Aqua

Eco Luxe Yoga Mats 4.5mm - Starburst Aqua

This stunning Eco Luxe mat is created from natural fiber and a soft suede top that provides a fantastic grip the warmer you become.


The bottom layer of this beautiful Yoga Mat is created from natural rubber from the rubber tree. This makes the mats provide a good and stable base and a great grip.

The top layer is a Microfibre towel that has been heat pressed onto the rubber base layer. This is a wonderful new direction for yoga mats as this means that the more warm you become the greater the grip this delightful yoga mat provides. 


Feel free to hose down your Eco Luxe Yoga Mat when needing to clean it. Lay it safely over a railing in the shade and it will look after you right back.


This is an Amazing yoga mat and ready for the strongest of yoga practices. Dimensions are 4.5mm thick. 61cm x 173 cm. Enjoy!

There is no PVC, nasty chemicals or latex used in this mat at all.


This mat weighs approximately 2kg and is perfect for nearly all styles of yoga practice, including Bikram and Hot Yoga.

Includes one Yoga Mat Carry Strap

Weight 2kg.



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