Let’s meet at sunset, as the day transitions to night and we begin to wind down under the energy of the Full Moon. We will settle on our mats, comforted with a light blanket and eye pillow as I guide you through some breathing techniques (pranayama) focused on relaxing the body.

Then, allow yourself to be immersed in the therapeutic vibrational energy of the Sound Bath. Sound is used to restore the body. Physical, emotional and spiritual, through a selection of various sounds introduced in succession. The sounds are created by Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, drums, bells and voice.

When you sink into a Sound Bath you guide your awareness to your sense of hearing, listening, your brain waves begin to slow, to calm. You shift from an active state, to a state of deep relaxation. The sounds being an invitation to unplug from external noise and be in the present moment. Inviting in deep rest and relaxation as we explore self-inquiry, self-discovery and healing. 

Cost: $25