Immerse yourself in the ritual  of a women’s circle with your tribe. Gathering as women, side by side,  sharing and witnessing each others stories and gathering our collective wisdom, no matter what age and offering it to the theme of the circle from a place of deep compassion and love. 


In many cultures and traditions women have gathered to share their stories from one generation to the next, the golden thread of wisdom that binds us together. We thrive through being supported and accepted without judgement. When one of us heals we allow space for us all to heal. 

By virtue of being in circle, there is no hierarchy. The circle is all encompassing and equal, no beginning or end. Whether it’s in ​celebration of an upcoming birth, hens party, full moon or a space to connect, each women's circle ritual is moulded to suit.  


Our circles are held in the studio for 90 minutes and are $180 for a maximum of 7 people and is inclusive of flowers and crystals to take home as well as light refreshments. Contact Melissa to discuss your circle at forthefolk@outlook.com