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About Melissa

‘I have been a seeker and still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars.
I started listening to the teachings of my soul’


Melissa Gibson is a senior yoga teacher, energetic healer and intuitive artist guiding women to honour their self-worth and feel empowered through somatic yoga therapies and reiki energetic healing.


With over 1000+ hours of training immersion and 10,000hrs of teaching classes, Melissa has been guiding clients through their yoga practices and reiki healing for over 20+ years and has a passion for empowering women to embrace ALL aspects of their being. 


Her yogic studies have been from the physical, metaphysical, bio medical, anatomical and physiological, the neuroscience, technical alignment, energy healing, meridians, chakras, nutrition and more. 


Melissa offers a variety somatic yoga therapies, events, retreats, courses and workshops that focus on our metaphysical health and the impact of our emotional body over the physical. Making way for the deep state of awareness and healing that presents along the way. 


Her Reiki energetic healing sessions focus on intentional relaxation, chakra alignment and releasing stagnant energies to make clear pathways for growth and abundance. 


Melissa’s’ offering provides support, encouragement and guidance for women to come home to themselves, to feel nurtured, and comfortable within their bodies while embracing all that is, their goddess energy within.


She will teach you techniques you can use in your everyday life to feel more connected, balanced and inspired. 


Soul seekers, yoginis, light workers, spiritual goddesses, inquisitive wanderers, Melissa is for you. 

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