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As women, we are cyclic beings.

We feel, absorb and react to the energy around us as it influences our emotional and physical bodies daily. 


When we gather,

we CONNECT and we EMPOWER and we HEAL.

The Sacred Circles are gatherings for the nurturers, the healers and and the way makers. It is a place we can sit together and explore and understand the energy we are experiencing within each moon cycle, each month. 


Full Moons are all about Illuminating and Shedding as we are ready to to move forward.

New Moons, are all for Dreaming and Manifesting your reality.  

Each online Sacred Circle is place of connection and understanding for the women participating and an introspective journey for deep self nourishment, and inspiration. Each gathering we practice a blend of restorative yoga, group distance reiki, mantra meditation, and tarot relative to each month to realigning you with the subtle energies of nature and within.

Each gathering is an opportunity to be accountable and 'hit the reset button' setting aside time for introspection, visualisation, to realise, surrender and re-gather.

While supporting each other we have time to:

  • Create cycle intentions, goals and action plans,

  • Use the energetic momentum of each cycle for motivation and knowing what you need to progress,

  • Experience comfort and safety within this held space, to release and surrender to that which isn't working for you,

  • Remain accountable in life within the mundane every day chores of life,

  • Find inspiration to imagine change, draw up the courage and energy to take action.

Each moon cycle you will receive divinely curated sequences, meditations and mantras and as a bonus you will receive a Sacred Circle Journal for each new & full moon to track your evolution over the course of the year.

Full Moon


Time & Duration

7:15pm for a community checkin with the Sacerd Circle held from 7:30pm - 8:30pm AEST (Brisbane)

Online Platform

​The Zoom Link will be emailed to you on the morning of the call and immediately afterwards you will receive an email with a link to the recording which will be available for you to watch or download two weeks.

2024 DATES



February 7

March 7

April 9

May 8

June 6

July 4

August 1

September 3

October 3

October 31

November 28

December 30




February 22

March 25 | Equinox

April 24

May 23

June 20 | Solstice

July 18

August 20

September 18 | Equinox

October 17

November 14

December 12 | Solstice

* Dates can change on occasion due to family life, however only by a day or two and you will be notified in advance via email if needed.



Create a space you can sit in circle with us. Allow this space to be for you and this time. Include a candle, incense, flowers, crystals, oils, or whatever you feel drawn to.

Include your favourite tarot or oracle card deck if you have one, if not don't worry Melissa will draw a community oracle spread each circle.

Bring along your journal printout and a pen.

Snuggle up with whoever needs to be close to you on the night. Your babies, children & pets are more than welcome into this space.

Take the opportunity to look at the moon before we begin if you can or perhaps create your circle alter outside.

Sacred Circles Subscription



Every month

Access to all New Moon and Full Moon Sacred Circles for 2024

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