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Reiki Treatment

Level 2 | The Practitioner

"Amplifying your Reiki, receiving the ancient symbols, sharing with your clients in person and via distance.

Usui Reiki Level 2 | The Practitioner

It is here in Level 2, your practice is amplified, receiving a deeper understand of the power of Reiki.


Your initiation amplifies your Reiki connection and strength. Your attunements giving you access to 3 powerful ancient Reiki symbols used in the Usui lineage.  Each symbol serving a purpose to promote deeper healing and expansion of consciousness.  You learn how to send healing through space and time and share your love and dedication of Reiki with others as a practitioner.  


Level 1 



Level Two | The Practitioner | You are a qualified Reiki Practitioner, Receiving the Reiki symbols to use while channeling Reiki to your clients. Conducting In-person and via distance healings.

Building on the skills of Reiki Level 1 | Self Mastery this training is a continuum of self-healing, growth and empowerment. It is a significant step in your own personal healing journey, making Reiki an essential part of your daily ritual and spiritual development.

Level 2 guides you to use Reiki more effectively for your own personal development and to worth with others. You are provided with a range of techniques and skills enabling you to work with clients and facilitate their healing journeys. All techniques are demonstrated and practised so that you can apply these and the ancient symbols to energise and heal, send positive energy across space and time, ask for protection, and cleanse spaces from negative energies.


The Level 2 attunement doubles your capacity to channel the Reiki energy by expanding the channels of the Crown, Heart and Palm Chakras.

Continuing Development Opportunities

Level Three | The Reiki Master and Teacher

Becoming a master and teacher, receiving the final powerful master symbols to use while channeling, passing on attunements others to channel reiki and how to teach the trainings.


In Studio 2023 Immersions

May 25 & June 15

*Limited to 8 students per intake. 


Time & Duration 

In studio 10:00am - 2:30pm each date


Online Immersion

Commence anytime


Self paced study.

12 month term to complete. 


Level Two | The Practitioner | Receiving the Reiki symbols to use while channeling Reiki to your clients. Conducting In-person and via distance healings.

Membership Registration

MHY My Health Association


For the Folk Yoga and Wellness

Shailer Park, QLD.


$ 555.00 AUD In studio

$ 444.00 AUD Online



Level 2, Okuden in Japanese translates to 'Hidden or Inner Teachings'.
Meditations & healing techniques making way for stronger energetic connection to all that is. 



Usui Reiki Level 2 | The Practitioner is delivered in two sections with 21 days of at-home integration in between to really immerse yourself in your own practice in self-healing mastery.

During each training you will learn a different aspect of reiki theory, practical training and introspective rituals with each session ensuring you are comfortable with all aspects of the content to become a pro and intuitive healer.


  • 3 days of immersive training

  • Reiki 2 Initiation attunements ritual

  • Training Manual and additional handouts

  • Distance Reiki healing board

  • Invitation to Reiki Folk Nights and private Facebook group.

  • One on one mentoring and healing session with Melissa

  • Certificate in Usui Reiki Level 2


Reiki Is​

Reiki Level 2 & Initiation

The Practitioner Initiation, Preparing for your Initiation, Initiation Aftercare, 21day Integration, Self Treatment Ritual & Reflection.

The Usui Reiki Symbols

Learning about 3 ancient Usui symbols, Symbol activations, Emotional Healing, Distance Healing, Group Healing

Healing Techniques

Protecting your energy, Distance Healing, Amplifying your Power, Emotional and Mental Healing.

Becoming the Practitioner

Getting started, Ethics in treatments, Business requirements.

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Kelly Downing

“It's like the light has come on and this sense of connection as deepened within me.

My connection to myself, others and the world around me. 

I am present more often, and feel LOVE in a whole new way. 

Thank you Melissa for guiding me, your teachings and wisdom continue to inspire me and for that I am SO grateful. X"

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