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Understanding your calling to be attuned to reiki is the first step in acknowledging you are ready to journey to self realisation.
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The There are 3 Levels of Reiki training, each giving you a deeper wisdom of Reiki, each proceeding the next.

Level 1 | Self Mastery | The gift of Reiki for yourself, your family, your pets, your plants.

Level 2 | The Practitioner | Receiving the Reiki symbols to use while channeling Reiki to your clients. Conducting In-person and via distance healings.

Level 3 | The Reiki Master and Teacher | Becoming a master and teacher, receiving the final powerful master symbols to use while channeling, passing on attunements others to channel reiki and how to teach the trainings.

Each training wether in studio or online is taught with the same principles and structure. All including a 21 day integration period between allowing you to absorb all information fully and most importantly practice your daily healing for deeper connection and understanding following your levels initiation. 


During this time, you are supported and mentored during ensuring you are comfortable each step of the way.


Each training is taught as a time of ritual, rest and peace.

You will receive:

  • Level specific immersion Reiki training and initiation attunements.

  • Level specific manual and additional handouts.

  • A level specific gift such as a crystal pendulum or distance chart (In studio only).

  • Certificate in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki for each level completed.

  • One on one mentoring and healing session with Melissa.​

  • Invitation to Reiki Folk Nights and private Facebook group.

Cody Wilcox

This review is a long time coming!
I have been practicing at Mels studio for years, first at her Daisy Hill studio, and now at her home. It is one of my happy places.
Mel is an intuitive teacher with a silky voice that gets you right in your soul.
I have practiced yoga, had Reiki healing & now almost my own Reiki 2 certification under her guidance & initiation. Her classes are part fun, part zen, and all a vibe! If you are looking for a local practice with a seasoned medicine soul woman, this is your place. Namaste x

 Level 1   

Self Mastery

 Level 2


 Level 3 

The Master 

Reiki is passed from the Master Teacher to the Student through energetic attunements clearing the energetic body and connecting to Reiki energy. 
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