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Reiki is a Japanese hands on healing art that channels 'Ki' to the body, bringing balance by releasing energetic blockages and stagnancy.

When channelled, the body receives Ki to rebalance and revitalise, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki assists to recalibrate and raise our energetic vibration, to nurture our bodies, to reduce stress and anxiety relaxing the nervous system and promote healing by removing energetic blockages and stagnancy. Evidence shows Reiki can help with management of some chronic dis-ease.


Reiki energy healing can bring almost immediate relief, allowing the receiver to drop into a state of deep rest. When being held in a safe, caring and supportive space the mind can move from a high state of activity to a calm theta brain wave. It is in this space where the body is in its optimum healing mode so relax, allow and receive.

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Where does Reiki Come From?

Usui Reiki was rediscovered in the early 20th century by Dr Mikayo Usui, a Japanese monk and scholar, receiving these energetic teachings from ancient Buddhist healing practices.


Energy healing has been and still is practised all over the world, in all different countries and cultures, for millennia. Unfortunately this ancient wisdom has been lost over time as a people have lost their connection to their own natural intuition and the inner knowing to heal themselves has lost its power. Instead, people have been programmed to rely on the word and teachings of others, looking to shut symptoms down and close out the signs and messages received with in us.


However, now, people are slowly beginning to reawaken to their own personal power buried deep within. It just needs to be ignited.

The Benefits of Reiki

Reiki is transformational life force energy and can provide many benefits such as:


Stress relief and deep relaxation. by calming the nervouse system

​Relieving emotional trauma from the present and past life.​

Increasing energy and vitality and reducing depression

​Increasing the vibrational frequency of the body changing negative conditioning & behaviour

Improving mental clarity and concentration

Relieving pain and accelerating natural healing. Assisting in releasing chronic problems and prevents dis-ease development

Detoxifing the body, ​​clearing energetic blockages and stagnancy

Increasing awareness, intuition and inner knowing

Reducing fatigue and promoting deep restful sleep

The Japanese word Reiki translates to
Universal Life Force
‘Rei’ universal, omnipresent.
‘Ki’ gives life to all living things.


Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki Healings are available in person at the studio or via distance in your own home.  There is no variance in result as universal is not confined by space or time.

The choice is yours, the comfort of your own home or a getaway to the studio.

Reiki Tuition

Reiki is passed from the Master Teacher to the Student through energetic attunements clearing the energetic body and connecting to Reiki energy. 

There are 3 Levels of Reiki training:

Level 1 | Self Mastery | The gift of Reiki for yourself, your family, your pets, your plants.

Level 2 | The Practitioner | Receiving the Reiki symbols to use while channeling Reiki to your clients. Conducting In-person and via distance healings.


Level 3 | The Reiki Master and Teacher | Becoming a master and teacher, receiving the final powerful master symbols to use while channeling, passing on attunements others to channel reiki and how to teach the trainings.


My name is Melissa Gibson

I am a mum to two wild boys, 4 and 13, a senior yoga teacher, reiki master and an intuitive artist. 

After spending years searching and learning ways to help me understand and heal aspects of myself which were so desperately calling out for attention, for love and empowerment.... (I didn't realise that’s what it was in the beginning....). I have been drawn to guide other women to do the same. 

I have always been drawn to our energetic side of being. Reading tarot cards with my friends from 12 years old to crystal healings and my Level 1 Reiki initiation at 18.  I have been a seeker of my truth for ¾ of my life so far.

The deeper my practice has become, the more interested I've been in peeling back the layers of energetic and emotional armour and 'protection' I created as coping mechanisms (many unconsciously). Each layer bringing understanding of how I have become who I am today, why pain recurs, why I feel disconnected to life at times, uninspired, self-sabotaging and overwhelmed at others. Learning to accept all of these aspects that are a part of me. 

The more I have been able to observe my habits and patterns, the more I have been able to understand, the more I have been able to accept, and love each as a valid part of me, knowing that it is only through self-acceptance, we can heal. We can choose to move through these layers for growth, transmuting our sabotaging energies into being grounded and connected, inspired, courageous, and empowered to name a few!

My offering invites all women to a space of guidance, safety, of nurturing and of connection. A space to share our collective generational wisdom and healing.

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