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Awaken Your Chakras | Online Meditation Series


A DEEP DIVE INTO OUR ENERGETIC BODY THROUGH THE MEDITATION Led by senior yoga teacher and energetic healer Melissa Gibson you are guided to exploring your Chakras, understanding your connections to them and taking healing actions to consciously open and balance your energy. Melissa will guide you through 7 individual meditations, specific to each Chakra. We start our journey from our deep red home, connecting with the Earth, our Muladhara, base chakra. Igniting our sensual orange light, flowing with the water element, Svadhisthana, the sacral chakra. Awakening our inner fire and personal power with Manipura at home in the solar plexus. Feeling the beautiful green or pink spinning wheel held in our heart space, Anahata soaring with the element of air with love and compassion. As our awareness rises we move towards Vishuddha, our blue spinning wheel of light, allowing space to speak our truths. From here, we see ourselves clearly passing through the indigo curtain of light at the third eye our Anja, our intuition, and inner knowledge. Now we know our Self, we can draw our awareness further, to our Sahasrara charka, the crown. Aligning with the highest frequency of love. Are you ready to dive into your awareness?

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Awaken Your Chakras

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