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Usui Reiki Level 1 | Self Mastery


Understanding your calling to be attuned to reiki, is the first step in acknowledging you are ready to journey to self realisation. ​ Reiki is passed from the Master Teacher to the Student through energetic initiation attunements to clear the energetic body and connects you to Reiki energy. Reiki once activated, will remain open for your lifetime, it never leaves you and is always available for you to access. Qualification Level One | Self Mastery | You are a practitioner of Reiki able to use the gift of Reiki for yourself, your family, your pets, your plants. You will learn self treatment techniques and rituals as you transition from a client of Reiki to a practitioner. You will learn how to hold space individually for yourself and for your loved ones creating meaningful change for our future generations. Research and studies on Reiki are proving the immense positive effects it has on physical and emotional bodies for people of all ages. Just one Reiki treatment can have positive impact for stress, anxiety and pain which left unsupported can manifest into major life disruption. Learning how to channel Reiki for Self Treatment and Treating Others based on techniques, practices and receiving energetic attunements, is a perfect evolution for the natural healer already within you.

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