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Essenti Calendula Balm is a soft sweet balm perfect for the delicate skin conditions of the young or the very old.


(EO) - Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Roman Chamomile - Calming and comforting especially for children. Balances the nervous system - talks to the nerves, supporting an “unfolding”
Anti- inflammatory may be useful for hot, dry, itchy skin conditions where heat and redness prevail.
Lavender Angustifolia - The great harmonizer and regulator. Cools and calms - the great neutraliser (especially against the toxins of insect bites). Lavender may be useful for burns, to prevent scarring. Effective, safe and versatile.

Western Australian Sandalwood - Helps to hold moisture within the skin. Useful for dry, red itchy skin conditions - soothing, balancing and cooling to inflammatory conditions.

(H) Botanical Elements - Herbal Infusions
Calendula Oil- infused from marigold flowers. Calendula’s anti-fungal, anti- inflammatory and anti- bacterial properties may make it useful for eczema, shaving rashes, and wound healing. Regenerative for dry and damaged skin and bed sores.

Base Elements - (CPO) Cold Pressed Oils Apricot Oil - Rich in Vitamins A, C & E with a light texture and delicate aroma. Moisturizing, light and beautifully absorbed by the skin.
Australian Jojoba- A highly stable wax ester similar to sebum. Acts as a skin seal, softening, protecting and restoring a healthy glow.

Emotional Component - Calendula softens and shines the bright light of understanding - like sunshine on a cloudy day, liquid gold to repair and soothe inflamed skin and feelings.


eSSENTI Calendula Balm

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