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Essenti Arnica Balm is a vibrant aromatic balm bringing warmth and radiating heat for healing. May be useful after bruising. Great for application after sports related muscular soreness. Gently rub onto bruised area. Not to be used on open wounds.


(EO) - Essential Oils: Therapeutic Grade

Thyme - A dynamic healer, radiating warmth. Thyme brings an active energy which may support healing by increasing circulation. Useful for muscle spasms after exercise.

(H) Herbal Infusions - Botanical Element

Infused Organic Arnica Oil, calms and soothes swollen and bruised tissue. Used for its pain relieving qualities after sprains and strains. Arnica has shown to reduce swelling, bruising and muscle soreness. Stimulates the flow of white blood cells. Arnica is a potent anti-inflammatory.

Base Elements - (CPO)
Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil: an excellent emollient for skin, nourishing and moisturizing. Great for sensitive skin. Blends beautifully with Essential Oils.

Cold Pressed Apricot Oil: Rich in Vitamins A, C, E, F. A beautiful light texture aids the quality of easy absorption without undue oiliness.

Emotional Component - Well documented for “shock” type situations. Arnica may be useful to bring the emotional nature back to ease, especially after falls or accidents. Arnica is great go-to emotionally as well as physically when we are faced with the unexpected.


eSSENTI Arnica Balm

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